So what is SEO? Remember you are with some of the Best SEO Services in Lucknow!

SEO stands for Search engine optimization
In order to understand what is SEO, you need to understand what is a search engine first!
A search engine like Google is like a giant virtual machine
just like a car engine that uses fuel like petrol or diesel to run a vehicle, search engine automated robots, called crawlers or “spiders* to scan the whole worldwide web.
is essentially software or a computer program or function that uses these bots or crawlers to index nearly each and everything that is there on the internet!
Why do they need to do so? Well so that if one searches what is the Best SEO Company in Lucknow, you could reach us *
Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex should know what is there on the internet in order to satisfy someone’s query.
In a nutshell, search engines are like ‘God of Answer’


Please note that the end goal of any search engine is to provide you with relevant and useful information, or give an answer to your search query!
          It’s good for everyone be it the search engine or the searcher

We know what is Search Engine, now let's understand about Optimization!

So Optimization, as defined by Cambridge, is the process of making something as good or effective as possible So Best SE0 Company in Lucknow is optimizing your content, De it website, video, photo, text etc so that it is easily indexed by Google or any other search engine But remember you need to have a website in order to do seo:

So the question is what will CyberShree Digital Services do for you and your business?

Why shall you invest in Best SEO Company in Lucknow?

Although it is a known fact that search engines have become quite smart, but they
are still programs! They can’t understand a website the same way a human can
SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be
useful for users.
An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search
engine robots to understand

-Since you are associating with one of the best SEO company in Lucknow, rest assured that you are going to get a team that knows their part inside out!

-We will analyze your website thoroughly and prepare a detailed report about bad
things’ and ‘good things’ as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned!
Prepare a detailed plan and budget in order to rank better!

-Get you rank better in Google!

in order to understand ‘better rank’ let’s first understand what is rank or ranking on
search engines like Google!
Since we have property educated you about search engines like Google, let us
quickly revise what is the task of these search engines!

Search engines like Google perform the two functions:

1- search engine crawl and build an index
2-they provide a ranked list of the websites.

Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process!

Since you know about search engines, ranking, and SEO in detail now, let us
tell you one more fact!
These search engines keep updating themselves!
Why is that? because on average there are over 40,000 searches on Google
alone per second.
It is also to be noted that around 547200 websites are created per day.
So it is important for these search engines to keep them updated and also
provide user with the best possible results!
It is important for you to keep updating yourself or keep track of these
changes or your competitor may go ahead in the long run!
Let’s Get started with a better ranking then


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