5 Easiest recipes to learn during this Quarantine break!

This is probably the first time the entire world has been on lockdown. It cannot be denied that it is very challenging to spend all the time in isolation without meeting your friends or going out at all. However, this is the perfect time to discover yourself and learn new things for which you never had time. Explore new activities, make recipes you always wanted to try, watch good movies, exercise and most importantly spend time with your loved ones. If you live far from them, make sure you keep away the isolation blues by video calling them on a daily basis and keeping them updated about your life.

It is surely a tough time but together we will all get through it. Instagram has become a creative outlet for everyone including our beloved celebrities. Right from various games to viral challenges, everyone is finding out ways to utilise their time. One such trend is quarantine cooking.

People are trying to experiment with new dishes since time is aplenty and you cannot order food from Zomato (sigh). This is one such hobby I have adapted as well. Every day I try to cook something new, it may be as simple as making Parle G pudding (Do let me know if you want my special recipe!) or a cup of banana ice-cream, but the satisfaction you get from eating your creation is enough to make the endorphins go crazy.

Here is a list of super-easy things everyone is making these days so that you can hop onto the bandwagon and resist the major FOMO on social media. These recipes are easily available on the internet and can be made by a 12-year-old as well (with some guidance from an adult, of course). It can be a great bonding activity for your family as well and a wonderful way to pass time. Here are the best recipes for easy food to make at home.

  1. Dalgona Coffee

Tik-Tok’s gift to the world, Dalgona Coffee is the internets “new cool thing”. People are making this coffee all over the world and posting stories on Instagram and Twitter. The best part? It requires just 3 ingredients and a total of 10 minutes to make. I saw so many of my friends making this recipe online that I had to give in and give this viral trend a shot. To say the least – I wasn’t disappointed!

It is extremely easy to make and looks so Instagrammable that the food blogger inside me couldn’t stay calm. Take my advice and surprise your loved ones with a delicious cup of Dalgona Coffee in the morning and see how you kickstart your day on a positive note with this coffee recipe which is the one of the best easy food to make at home.

Dalgona Coffee easy recipe quarantineImage source: Instagram

2. Choco-chip Cookies

This is one such recipe I always wanted to try since I was a kid and all thanks to the quarantine, I got lots of time in my hand to experiment with everyone’s favourite choco-chip cookies. It was so much fun to make them that I did not even realise how the entire afternoon went by.

The only problem I faced while making these was the urge to resist myself from not hogging on the delicious cookie dough. Trust me you’ll understand this once you make a batch yourself. In case you don’t like chocolate, you could make dry fruit or candy cookies. They are just as delightful as the choco-chip ones and will give you as much pleasure while baking them.

Chocolate Chip Cookie quarantine recipe easiestImage source: Instagram

3. Banana-walnut bread

No, it is not as difficult as it sounds and yes, it is extremely gratifying. Making this recipe would make all your baking dreams come true. A freshly baked loaf of banana walnut bread with an ample coat of Nutella will be like tasting a slice of heaven. The recipe is similar to that of a cake and does not require a bachelors degree in cooking. You can find numerous celebrities on Instagram baking their own bread during the quarantine. Bake a batch of your own and show off your wondrous baking skills on Instagram.

walnut banana bread quarantineImage source: Instagram

4. Experimental Maggie

Not to be melodramatic but talking about Maggie always makes me emotional. It is like that warm breeze of summer air on a cold winter morning. Maggie will always be everyone’s favourite comfort food which reminds them of the good ol’ hostel days. Now when it comes to experimenting with it, the possibilities are endless. You can add anything to basic masala Maggi and it will turn out to be good.

There is no way you can ruin Maggie. I bet even slightly burnt Maggie tastes great. While the trend of #PantryPasta is going on, which simply means to utilize leftovers to make pasta, you can try your hands at starting a new trend called the #PantryMaggie. Nothing will make your mother happier than seeing all those containers with leftover food finally empty.

experimental maggi easiest recipes time

5. Nutella Banana Pancakes

The most satisfying recipes of them all is a nice stack of fluffy Banana pancakes with a generous coating of Nutella and strawberries and bananas as toppings. Pancakes are one of the easiest dishes to cook and there are hardly any chances of screwing it up. Moreover, there are so many ways in which you could experiment with pancakes. If you don’t like Nutella, (however, I don’t know how that’s possible) you could use honey or maple syrup and any other seasonal fruits or candies readily available, as toppings.

You could also add some cocoa powder or Nutella in the batter itself to make it more chocolaty. Eat it with a bowl full of vanilla ice cream to make the most out of the pancakes. If you need ideas, there are a dozen videos on Youtube with marvellous recipes of easy food to make at home.


Banana & Nutella Pancakes

This was some of the best and easy food to make at home during the quarantine. Do let me know in the comments section below if you need recipes to any of the dishes mentioned above. Also, you could suggest some other dishes which you tried and I’ll make sure I try them out. Till then happy quarantine cooking to you!

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